Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Welcome Heroes!

   Salutations, space heroes! Welcome to the NEWEST and KEWLEST blog of the galaxy, filled with various of helpful guides, great tips, epic opinions, exclusive information, awesome stories, fun ideas and pics plus many, many more. 

   As some of you may know, my name is Justice Girl, and I will tell you some things about me:

-I became very well known and I'm the BIGGEST fan of Space Heroes Universe (and if you haven't played that game, you should!)
-I'm the top hero that has the highest score in the minigame 'Hero Jump' (located in Jungle Planet waterfalls) 
-I LURREV to help out heroes who need them
-I have a bro named Justice Boy and a sidekick called Onyx
-I drew lots of drawings and I'm a genius at arts and crafts

    While you read this post, you might really want to join our Crew! The Crew locates next page, which all the authors of the blog are listed. To join, you have to succeed these instructions:

-Send a email of why you want to be an author, what you want to post, your hero name and some things about you (saying that means NO giving away personal info!) 
-Email your message to as soon as possible! 

-You have to have a Blogger account, if you don't have one, please create one (if you don't know how, email me for the instructions)

    I will be searching for lots of authors who want to join the crew. At least 5 to 10 authors can be included, so this is your quick chance! 

   Thank you all for reading and I look forward to posting all kinds of upcoming events and other stuff mostly about SPACE HEROES UNIVERSE!!

    Stay cool!
~Space Hero Justice Girl ;-)


  1. hehe if this is ur new upcoming blog... IT'S AWESOME ^.^

    good luck justice you rock!!

    1. HI JUSTICE GIRL it's me princess charlotte in shu i hope i will join in ur author please accept me

  2. justice girl i already email in the following email that where to send


Thanks for commenting space hero! We will get to you as soon as we can and stay AWESOME! :D