Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Author-Aea Gappi

Hi Guys! i'm New Author in Justice Girl's Blog I joined her blog Because
she has very many Talents like Making Icons & Banners,Designing Blogs,and many More

Here are some info about me!
>i Play Shu
>im Level 24
>im a member
>i have lots of friends
>i love creating new Blogs
>i love making icons & banners
>my Favorite color is Purple

Hey guys Brandon here with some bad news! Aea has been removed for inappropriate activity so she will not be working at this blog anymore but she has taken bad decisions and now is not allowed to join our team again which is very bad news... So if you want her back email us (Me (Brandon Denise and Lillia and Justice Girl to our emails vivansong80@gmail.com (Justice Girl) denisejosephrocks@gmail.com (Denise) lilliashu@gmail.com (Lillia) and finally me brandonshuforever@gmail.com (me (Brandon) ) and we shall all be in touch to think about it............... and then take a move but before anything else we shall wait...................


Thanks for commenting space hero! We will get to you as soon as we can and stay AWESOME! :D