Purple Jacket Squad



    This page lists the PURPLE JACKET SQUAD! Earning a Purple Jackets will make you seem like you're going to be more famous than EVER! But it is hard to admit that it's quite a challenge to earn these rare items, in fact if you DARE to take this challenge, GO AHEAD! :P First, you have to know our official HERO CODE (not the PROMO CODE) which you can find by clicking HERE. Here is the MAIN TOPIC of the Hero Code. Follow them and you will have 100% percent chance of getting the PJ! (it's Purple Jacket, not pajamas!)
Good luck, space hero! :)

•Let your extraordinary hero traits shine though! Examples like kindness, generosity, loyalty and empathy should help!
•Always do the right thing, often when you get included to a fight - be calm and gentle, and figure out the problem by not using caps or blasting heroes with your blaster
•When you see a sad face or an angry face, kindly go up to them and talk out the problem to them privately

*Note to all heroes who don't own Purple Jackets that getting these will be understandably CHALLENGING, but don't give up! Keep up the good work and stay patient! :D

Here are the rewards:

You will earn this cool 'Super Hero'
 badge after you earn your Purple Jacket!
This important message will
pop up before you get your Purple Jacket!

So here's the Purple Jacket Squad in 

-Alien Android
-Atom (Super C)
-Cold Heart
-Cool Ice (Tony)
-Dashing Max
-Geronmino Sti
--Justice Girl
-Koloho Kai
-Mini Me
-Pink Power
-Super Ann
-Super Hero
-All the Moderators

 Comment if you know more heroes who have Purple Jackets! :D


  1. Twinkles. iHug. GGstar. Sonic. Timbo. Dashing Max. Geronimo Sti. Tony. Wisp. Imani. Alien. Caps. Dannoj. =)

  2. Jake Aka SuperKid from SHUJune 6, 2014 at 2:39 AM

    Lol I didnt give any credit :( Because my parents say im not old enough for a youtube/google account so ya. That explains why there's no pic on my name :( At least I can actually make comments though!


    1. Oh BUT I do know ONE person who's got a PJ :D Their name's Nightfall Scarlett Aslo known as Kylea :)


    2. Err scratch that : / It already has her name but without a PIC , Unfortunately I don't have any photos of Kylea so never mind :(
      ~upset Jake :''(

    3. . I was so weird in the past, I think my brain was messed up.. <3

  3. U do have a google and utube super kid.

  4. ?? No I don't ...OH U mean the other guy?? With the beta hair?? OH that's not me :D . That's another guy XD Ye see.. I got my name changed from :Jake.. To Super Kid.. And I'm not that person who's famous and is georgepeng10 on YouTube :( But I wish I was him <3


  5. Guys btw, Where it has Lillia, Why is she wearing a Bomber Jacket?? Like, We all know she has one XD But what if someone that didn't know Lillia saw the pic and then they were like " Yeah right, She definitely doesn't have a PJ" And then they spreaded it around or something?? That would be bad right?? Brands, maybe you should change the pic to where she's actually wearing one, y'know xD Because they won't believe us (And I mean people that are clueless and are only new here)Anyway, I suggest doing that :D Becuz then we'll all be happy again xD 😊 ;)


  6. 😍😃😃😍😉🍌😘😱😱😃😙😖July 10, 2014 at 7:29 AM

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    1. OMG Whoever typed the comment on top of this one must've been typing that on an Ipod or something Because, Well Err IDK if this is true or not but I think you can only do those
      Box / Question mark things on an IPOD .-.

  7. Amber Angel has a purple jacket too


Thanks for commenting space hero! We will get to you as soon as we can and stay AWESOME! :D