Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Greetings!!! 2014

Dear Justice Girl:
-Happy new year have a blessed new year my friend
thank you for acepting me in this blog.

-im so happy coz i've been author in your blog 
and this is my first time that im an athour in blog
im sorry if i posted anything before when i was new here
in your blog.

-i promise to post only updates,parties,warning/safety

-and i wish we will see each other again in Shu 

~Princess Charlotte

Dear Super olivia:
-Happy new year you are my nice friend in SHU 
have a blessed new year olivia.

~ Princess Charlotte

Dear Others:
-This is it guys its 2014 Happy new year 
i wish we can see each other sometimes in SHU.

~Princess Charlotte

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