Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Greetings!!! 2014

Dear Justice Girl:
-Happy new year have a blessed new year my friend
thank you for acepting me in this blog.

-im so happy coz i've been author in your blog 
and this is my first time that im an athour in blog
im sorry if i posted anything before when i was new here
in your blog.

-i promise to post only updates,parties,warning/safety

-and i wish we will see each other again in Shu 

~Princess Charlotte

Dear Super olivia:
-Happy new year you are my nice friend in SHU 
have a blessed new year olivia.

~ Princess Charlotte

Dear Others:
-This is it guys its 2014 Happy new year 
i wish we can see each other sometimes in SHU.

~Princess Charlotte

Monday, December 30, 2013

Membership Competition!

Hey guys Space Heroes Universe Essential Hand Blog is having a membership competition in future! But it MIGHT be cancelled because we have not got any game cards or membership codes if we do we will announce the winners at a later date! And How do we enter?? Simple, First go to twitter find my tweet about a membership competition and retweet it  or comment below what you luuvve SHU but if we don't find any  codes we are very sorry!


Sunday, December 29, 2013

HACKER ALERT (not urgent because this could be false)

Guys guys look carefully at the hero named Random she is (maybe not) trinity because who will say she is not! Noli said hes a normal player she is not even Hawkeye aggrees with me! Please stay away from this bad hero! He could be dangerous!

Stay Safe Heroes!


New Author: ISABELLA!

Heya guys Isabella here im a new author!

Heres how i look!:
Happy Holidays!


Hey guys! I am now a new author on this awesome blog so I would like to give a round of applause to Justice Girl for making me an administrator!

Thank You Justice Girl!


Name Changer workaround on the loose!

Heya guys I just wanna tell you that my name is now Justice Claw not Brandon because a name changer popped up! However, If you wanna keep your awesome name refresh the page and log in again but the moderators might fix it soo hurry up!

~Justice Claw

Friday, December 27, 2013


Hello heroes! I am a new author and my name is Super Olivia. Remember me before the crazy Hero Name Picker!? My old name and looks is in the picture below.
This is me now xD

Here are some things about me:
                             I love joking my friends
                             I'm always top 1 on class xD
                             I love discovering new games and websites
                             My favorite movies are Frozen and Tangled

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dark Blue Game Screen?

Hey heroes! It's been days when I started posting my 1st post. But take a look on that picture below:
At the time when the "Save The Glows!" has been finished loading, I can't choose a server because it shows this dark blue game screen! I don't even know what happened. Just after 2 days from me posting my 1st post, this started happening. I haven't told them to the moderators but now, I'll do it. I'm sure the mods can fix this. That's all I can say for this post. Goodbye!

~Super Olivia~


guys, i am duke. Do you know Albert, well if you dont know its good but if you know its kinda bad, He works for trinity. He is a master hacker too, guys please please please be safe and try to avoid him and pass this news

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Greetings! everyone.:)

Merry Christmas guys!

Coz without him we are not alive and we have no family that taking care of us .

What you want a Gift?
For me is the perfect gift is my family

~Princess Charlotte

Friday, December 20, 2013

Watch Out!(For safety only)

Hey guys! it's me Princess Charlotte!

So this is the story!
I met Rhea Ghost at the plaza on December. I asked him if he said anything bad to Justice Girl and Lillia, and he didn't answer me so then i followed him and I begged him to tell the truth and he said to me to stop asking him about it. It was also my birthday today so he gave me a present. The present was surprisingly the answer and he said that he WAS telling bad things to Lillia and Justice Girl because he thought that they stole his hero. I commanded that it is bad to blame others without a evidence. That was it.

Some pictures of Rhea Ghost:

Rhea Ghost is good again! Thanks to me :) I'm just kidding!

If you ever see anyone sad, mad, disgusted, or any other unexpected feeling, go up to them and do whatever you are supposed to do. This is a message from Justice Girl. She says I have done the right thing and deserves a Purple Jacket.

Comment below on what you think of this story!

~Princess Charlotte

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Not Fair To Non-Members...

Ok, well guys and I mean non-members don't you wanna get gifts like balloons and cake and stuff? I mean like SHU should let non-members get member stuff. Like those gifts only 1 is for non-members to open and place and give. Like, this is not fair, us members get EVERYTHING? Yeah, I said everything. Non-members should get NEW HAIR. Below is a pic of 1 out of 6 things or something that non-members recieve and give. So non-members should get free membership for 1 year. Ok thats all!!


Message for all Authors

Hey guys Justice here happy to see everyone posting awesomeness :) I just want to tell all of you (Lillia, Denise, Princess Charlotte, Duke , Aea and Brandon) to post ONLY about these and excluding stuff about other blogs, family problems, and other awkward stuff If this continues to happen, some authors will be removed. So be extra aware. 

-SHU Only
-Upcoming Events
-New Updates
-Warnings and Safety

Thank you Authors! You rock!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Author-Aea Gappi

Hi Guys! i'm New Author in Justice Girl's Blog I joined her blog Because
she has very many Talents like Making Icons & Banners,Designing Blogs,and many More

Here are some info about me!
>i Play Shu
>im Level 24
>im a member
>i have lots of friends
>i love creating new Blogs
>i love making icons & banners
>my Favorite color is Purple

Hey guys Brandon here with some bad news! Aea has been removed for inappropriate activity so she will not be working at this blog anymore but she has taken bad decisions and now is not allowed to join our team again which is very bad news... So if you want her back email us (Me (Brandon Denise and Lillia and Justice Girl to our emails vivansong80@gmail.com (Justice Girl) denisejosephrocks@gmail.com (Denise) lilliashu@gmail.com (Lillia) and finally me brandonshuforever@gmail.com (me (Brandon) ) and we shall all be in touch to think about it............... and then take a move but before anything else we shall wait...................

Monday, December 16, 2013

New Author: DUKE!

Hey guys I am a new author my name is duke, all thanks to justice girl. I will be posting info about SHU and I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Name Changing Workaround!

Hey guys i logged in in SHU and i saw this.                                                                                                             Dont worry if you dont want to change your
               name  you can reload the page.                                                                                                                                                                                      

Kritter Name!

Hi guys it is me princess charlotte and I found this when i played SHU.

Until next time remember to feed your kritter

                                                      -PRINCESS CHARLOTTE



Watch Out!

Hey Guys! :) Guys so me and Lillia were on SHU and this alien named Rhea Ghost called Lillia A WHORE!! He also called Lillia six years old. We all ignored him.. So if u run into him, IGNORE HIM FAST! Or else he'll do it to you.. Keep SHU Safe!!


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Official Christmas Party of 2013

Hey heroes! Guess what time of the year it is.. because it's looking pretty red and green on SHU right now!
Yup, that's right... the 2013 official Christmas Party has FINALLY arrived and it's looking more festive than ever, with the plaza and coast totally COVERED in snow, topped with a GIANT Christmas tree! HERE'S PROOF!

The homepage is totally getting into the Christmas spirit of things too! Check out this inter-galactic makeover of santastic awesomeness ;)

If you guys have read my previous post, you'll know that you can turn heroes into SNOWMAN! All you gotta do is get them with ur special snowball-loaded blaster and POOF! Watch the Christmas magic!

Also, if you'd like to decorate your HOMEPAD to look super festive too, it's as simple as saying 'HAPPY XMAS'! Check out the kewl furniture that's avaliable, and what it looks like in your homepad!

If you don't have enough money, OR you can't obtain these awesome treasures because you're a non-member, worry not! Your friends will be at your rescue, with these delightful-looking goodies you can send to other heroes!

Happy holidays, and have an AWESOME time during Christmas awesome heroes! HO HO HO!! ~Lillia :D

New Author: LILLIA!

YO YO party heroes :D Lillia here!
It's a total honour to now be apart of this amazing SHU blog created by the one and only Justice Girl! Even BETTER to be working with my other friends too xD *hint hint Denise*

Here's a few things you might find interesting about me ^.^
Fav colour: RAINBOWS
Fav game: Space Heroes Universe (duh!)
Fav hobbie: Blogging and art for the win :D

Oh and here's a pic of how I look in Space Heroes Universe!

I hope to catch you awesome heroes online, and massive shout out to Justice for letting me join her blog :D get ready for some SERIOUSLY awesome-packed posts guys! Peace out!

New Author: DENISE!

Hello people!! Im Aurora Chloe AKA Denise!
Anyways ._. I'm a new blogger on Jg's blog!!!!
Here some things about me:
•I love tootsierolls
•Im barley on SHU o_o
•Jg is my best friend!
•I have like 934 friends XD!
Thats all. Oh and I like the color blue. Cya blogging next time!! :D

Image got by Brandon SHU

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Welcome Heroes!

   Salutations, space heroes! Welcome to the NEWEST and KEWLEST blog of the galaxy, filled with various of helpful guides, great tips, epic opinions, exclusive information, awesome stories, fun ideas and pics plus many, many more. 

   As some of you may know, my name is Justice Girl, and I will tell you some things about me:

-I became very well known and I'm the BIGGEST fan of Space Heroes Universe (and if you haven't played that game, you should!)
-I'm the top hero that has the highest score in the minigame 'Hero Jump' (located in Jungle Planet waterfalls) 
-I LURREV to help out heroes who need them
-I have a bro named Justice Boy and a sidekick called Onyx
-I drew lots of drawings and I'm a genius at arts and crafts

    While you read this post, you might really want to join our Crew! The Crew locates next page, which all the authors of the blog are listed. To join, you have to succeed these instructions:

-Send a email of why you want to be an author, what you want to post, your hero name and some things about you (saying that means NO giving away personal info!) 
-Email your message to linlinyu03@gmail.com as soon as possible! 

-You have to have a Blogger account, if you don't have one, please create one (if you don't know how, email me for the instructions)

    I will be searching for lots of authors who want to join the crew. At least 5 to 10 authors can be included, so this is your quick chance! 

   Thank you all for reading and I look forward to posting all kinds of upcoming events and other stuff mostly about SPACE HEROES UNIVERSE!!

    Stay cool!
~Space Hero Justice Girl ;-)