Promo Codes


*The picture above shows what will pop up after you log off from your new hero (see 3rd paragraph). This will repeat three times which is the maximum number of times if you log off from that hero three times. Write your three codes you got from that new hero and then type them up on your old hero*

    Promo Codes are letters and numbers mixed together. On Space Heroes Universe we also have a machine (the Promo Wizard 3000) that you can always go up to and type up the following codes below. The Promo Wizard 3000 is located in the Space Heroes Academy which you can find on the Map. When you enter one of the codes below, you will get a virtual gift for free!

There is also a different way to get promo codes (Working in 2014!):
Step one - Make a new hero
Step two - Log off of that hero
Step three - You will see a secret promo code pop up after choosing to log off
Step four - In your old hero, type in that code on the Promo Wizard 3000 *Note that writing your code down will be easier to remember than to have the whole promo code in your mind*
Step five - Repeat this THREE times to get THREE codes into your old hero account!

1st Log-Off Secret Promo Code Gift = 200 Coins + Green Bomber Jacket
2nd Log-Off Secret Promo Code Gift = 300 Coins + Groovy Lava Lamp
3rd Log-Off Secret Promo Code Gift = 500 Coins + Turbo Jetpack

Space Heroes Official Promo Codes:
(Expired) BigPondGames: 10,000 Coins, Pet Pupki (Unknown Color) + Cadet Bomber Jacket
(Expired) Shopping: 3,000 Coins
(Expired) Adventure: 2,500 Coins + Brown Pet Pupki
(Expired) Explore: 2,500 Coins
(Expired) PartyHero: 1,000 Coins + Epic Lava Lamp
(Expired) FanP0612: 20,000 Coins
(Expired) Mania12: Space Hero Homepad Poster
(Expired) GirlPower99: Space Hero Homepad Poster
(Expired) HedzUp99: Space Hero Homepad Poster
(Expired) MiniClip99: 2,500 Coins + Hyper Galactic Gumball Machine
(Expired) BoxOfAwesomeness: *WORKS IN UNITED KINGDOM ONLY* Rare Red Pupki Kritter + 2,500 Coins
(Expired) HeroesRock: *WORKS FOR SOME HEROES* Unknown Gift (Comment if YOU know)
(Expired) MakeItRain: 500 Coins
(Expired) Cherry: 5,000 Coins + Brown Pet Pupki
(Expired) Toxic99: *WORKS IN UNITED KINDGOM ONLY* Unknown Gift (Comment if YOU know)
(Working) Kzone99: *WORKS IN AUSTRALIA ONLY* 1,000 Coins + Trickster Starjet

Our 12 Days Of 2012 Christmas Codes (Expired):
1st XMAS Day = JoyAnd
2nd XMAS Day = Holidays
3rd XMAS Day = Happy
4th XMAS Day = Heroes
5th XMAS Day = TheGalaxy
6th XMAS Day = Awesome
7th XMAS Day = Space 
8th XMAS Day = HaveA
9th XMAS Day = SpaceTastic
10th XMAS Day = New
11th XMAS Day = Year
12th XMAS Day = YouRock

Enter our codes on the Promo Wizard 3000 
(Promo Codes entered will come out to be in CAPS, even if you type in lowercase!)



  1. kzone639 is a code that works....

  2. I tried them and they didn't work because we need 2015 codes


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