Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Nixi's Rare Homepad!

HEY heroes! Today I saw a RARE cool pad on Space Heroes! Check it out!

This is downstairs!

This is the upstairs!

Cool pad right!? But not ONLY mods have it, but some other awesome heroes and bloggers own this pad too! Here are some of the examples:
Justice Girl
Comment below of what YOU think!

~Brandon Space Hero


  1. c: superkid has it too. But I don't think those are suppose to be around until like 2015 or 2016.. Its probably a hacker pretending to be Nixi. Lolz

    1. Denise are U sure they're gunna come out in 2015-2016 Becuz like what's the point of having codes for those "Ultra Rare Homepads" when only in like a few more years they're coming out in a catalogue , y'know what. I Mean? Becuz there's just no point : /


  2. She got that pad by the trading card the code from there trust me denise this aint a hacker!


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