Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Author: LILLIA!

YO YO party heroes :D Lillia here!
It's a total honour to now be apart of this amazing SHU blog created by the one and only Justice Girl! Even BETTER to be working with my other friends too xD *hint hint Denise*

Here's a few things you might find interesting about me ^.^
Fav colour: RAINBOWS
Fav game: Space Heroes Universe (duh!)
Fav hobbie: Blogging and art for the win :D

Oh and here's a pic of how I look in Space Heroes Universe!

I hope to catch you awesome heroes online, and massive shout out to Justice for letting me join her blog :D get ready for some SERIOUSLY awesome-packed posts guys! Peace out!


  1. Lillia how did u get that name where it's glitter and it's BIG?! Email it to me by


Thanks for commenting space hero! We will get to you as soon as we can and stay AWESOME! :D