Saturday, January 31, 2015

Space Heroes - Into the Virtual World

SUP HEROES! Justice Girl here, posting to you some experiences I've had with Space Heroes.

Space Heroes was an extraordinary, phenomenal game. Usually huge fans (including me) should REALLY think about how far they've become playing this game, which really developed as the years travelled ahead.

Drawing dedicated to all Space Heroes
"The game introduced many innovative features into the virtual world space, and gave kids a fun and exciting way to have fun, learn about science and the universe and make new friends in a safe online community. The game achieved the highest ratings for quality and safety and won numerous awards. We were particularly proud that many of our team of designers, developers and artists got their first professional experience working on the game and we continue to be active proponents of the Australian game design and development community. We also enjoyed the opportunity to work with schools and universities to help give students an insight into the game development process." ~Space Heroes Moderator

Over one million heroes from all over the world signed up for this game, which made the game even more popular than ever. Ever since I was at a young age, I explored the world of Space Heroes and became addicted. My friends signed up to play as well as my brother, Justice Boy.

WARNING: Very long!
Little Space Heroes was discovered by me in early August, 2012. It was my first game ever to be played on a computer, and I got really excited about it. My hero name was called Linlin. It was during the Super Hero Party when I got a Premuim Membership. Unfortunately, that was RIGHT when Beta was over. Making friends was my first goal, so I jumped into chilling out with my new friends and partying. I found that the game needed a blog, so I managed to trip and land in front of a pretty awesome Beta blogger, called Lillia! When she introduced me to Adrian, Batman, Lol, Chocolate, Fizz, Super Ann, and many other amazing heroes I discovered three of the best websites ever to be created -Little Space Heroes Fansite, Chocolate Cheats, and Little Space Cheats. After that, I got into drawing and Little Space Heroes Fan Art. Then the time when Space Heroes Universe replaced Little Space Heroes's also changed Little Space Heroes Fansite into Space Heroes Fansite. Surprisingly, time flew by pretty quickly as I am now called Justice Girl (I changed my name a bunch of times! Some of them are Dark Mist, Watermelon, and Awesome). Blogging for Lillia and Lol, drawing Space Heroes, and helping heroes in game were what I did until now.

Space Heroes has made us the heroes we are. It is a game that we will remember forever...
Never stop exploring, heroes!

~Justice Girl

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Last Time On SHU... PARTY!

HEY HEROES, Justice here!
I know you're all excited about this, as you can see from the title!

The Last-Time-On-SHU
Invitation card:

Invitation made my Justice Girl

Info posted by Fizz:

Hey heroes!
I'm so sorry for the long wait but we've finally got the Last Time Party organised.

When: 28th January, 5:00pm  


Where: Plaza

Server: Milky waves

This party shouldn't go any more than an hour!

I'm putting a site below for you to convert to your local time, please have an adult help with this as it can be confusing!

Heres an example of converting AEDT to Los Angeles Time-

I really hope that we can get as many people as we can to come, so spread the word heroes!


Your friends will be waiting for you!
~Justice Girl

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Space Heroes Intergalactic Drawing!

    Hi guys! Denise AKA Emma Emerald here! I drew something I think SHU really needs to see since they're shutting down... so here it is:

Do you like it? This actually took me 2 hours to be honest... If you can't read what they're saying, read it from below:

Girl: It was nice knowing you heroes!
Boy: It was nice knowing y'all!
Alien: Shout out to friends!

Hope you heroes like my drawing!
~Denise AKA Emma Emerald

Thursday, December 25, 2014

SHU is Shutting Down?!

    HI HEROES! It's been so long since I've posted on this blog. Anyways, Denise AKA Emma Emerald here, and that's right. As you see in the title, SHU is shutting down on January 29th, 2015 which is very depressing...

For all you SHU fans don't worry! Most of us will still be on SHUBloggers. There you can chat with your SHU friends. Hopefully the mods will open up SHU again in a few years after it shuts down...

SHU shutting down notification
Well bye heroes! In the comments, list all the things that you will miss about SHU.
~Denise AKA Emma Emerald