Friday, December 20, 2013

Watch Out!(For safety only)

Hey guys! it's me Princess Charlotte!

So this is the story!
I met Rhea Ghost at the plaza on December. I asked him if he said anything bad to Justice Girl and Lillia, and he didn't answer me so then i followed him and I begged him to tell the truth and he said to me to stop asking him about it. It was also my birthday today so he gave me a present. The present was surprisingly the answer and he said that he WAS telling bad things to Lillia and Justice Girl because he thought that they stole his hero. I commanded that it is bad to blame others without a evidence. That was it.

Some pictures of Rhea Ghost:

Rhea Ghost is good again! Thanks to me :) I'm just kidding!

If you ever see anyone sad, mad, disgusted, or any other unexpected feeling, go up to them and do whatever you are supposed to do. This is a message from Justice Girl. She says I have done the right thing and deserves a Purple Jacket.

Comment below on what you think of this story!

~Princess Charlotte


  1. Yes I have realized this.. The Guardians of the Universe group is hunting him down.. There are too many rumours that he is trinity, so just in case I advise players to stay away from him to prevent a hack. And justice girl I sent the email.. :|

  2. Dude I already posted about it. Please go and look for other posts.

    1. Be nice Denise, it was not a mistake - it was a reaction from Rhea Ghost and it might be untrue.

  3. guys look at the picture he say sorry to lillia he think the she stole his character thats why he is like that


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