Monday, October 20, 2014

Space Heroes Universe... is Loading?!

    Hi space heroes! Denise, AKA Emma Emerald here! So, I'm going right to it- I wanted to go to the Spooktacular HEROWEEN Party but SHU took FOREVER to load. I waited for 10+ minutes, but still it never warped me to the Homeworld, as it says. If it's happening to anyone else, comment below. When I looked at the server I was teleporting to, 1 bar each were colored. Here's a pic:

Waiting forever :/

Has this happened to you? Tell me in your comments!
~Denise AKA Emma Emerald

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Spooktacular Heroween Party... SCARES SHU!

 Whatzup heroes, Justice here!
It's about to go spooky... so LET THE DEAD RISE!
Today I decided to check out what's up on SHU and was spookified to see witches flooding the homeworld! Let the Heroween Spooktacular Party BEGIN! :D

To heroes who never experienced this party, check it out! You can collect different Balloons from minigames, hide behind a grave and say 'RIP (your friend's name)', munch on the treats you manage to find, or admire the garish scene around you! There are many possibilities!

 I have been hearing many heroes ask about Heroween Clothing in the Hero Mart, but unfortunately there has been no sign of new costumes. If you can keep your eyes peeled, that could be helpful!

See ya'll next time for more! Happy Heroween to all!