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Homepad category: Holiday Hero!
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-Katie Aditi
-Justice Claw
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    Hey hero! If you'd like YOUR homepad to be tweeted about, please email linlinyu03@gmail.com and I, Justice Girl will be choosing the lucky homepad to be Homepad of the Month! Note that every homepad has a category to represent what we thought about the pad. Every pad should be decorative, consists of hard-work and has a ton of likes! The winner can either be a non-member or a member!


  1. OMG why just turn it into homepad of the week or month?

  2. Did u see the likes she was TOP so umm its gonna stay like tht for ummmmmmmmm 20 more days

  3. Replies
    1. HMM... I thought your parents said you werent allowed.

  4. Hey guys :P You know chat room right? On Lillia's, Lol's and Justice's blog ( And maybe a few more but that's all I know xD)Well how do you register ?? ( Yeah Idk anything here ;( *Cry Cry*)I've been asking heaps of people and Unfortunately, They say " Isn't it obvious ?? DUH" So they never end up telling me *Sighs* How do you video chat?? Yup :\ I confessed, I dunno how to video chat ;( (Yup I'm that dumb)
    Please tell me! ^_^ ~ Thanks ;)


    1. Easy. Just say register, click it. But you need an email. Then when you are on the register screen, enter the details in the boxes they give you. Then they will ask you to login. Go to xat.com/login and put your username and password that you registered with. Now you have access to almost everything. :P

  5. Okie. well thanks, but I was dumb back then, >.< I didn't know anything,
    And I'm even dumber for admitting that I was dumb O.O
    Ooh yay! Dumb and dumber! It's a series! :D
    LOL jk


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