Sunday, March 30, 2014

Moderator Nixi... LEAVING!


(Moderator Nixi)

    Moderator Nixi is leaving SHU FOREVER and moving on to other life activities! Nixi, (Also known as Ashleigh) at the moment, NOBODY knows who is going to take her place being the community manager so I guess we would have to wait and see what happens. I am incredibly unhappy about this, however if you would like to be in touch with her please dont hesitate to send an email to my address ( and I will inform her AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. However, Space Hero Lol has had an interview with her just like Moderator Ari's (Ari is also a memorable mod like Nixi and she has left the Space Hero community too)! If you would like to see the post on Nixi's interview, please click here to see the actual post!

REALLY, REALLY Sorry space heroes!

~Brandon Space Hero

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

LSC Membership Comp WINNER!

 YO HEROES! Brandon here with BIG NEWS on the

So now you have all been busy waiting, I am here to announce the lucky winner! I am really sorry for not being active on SHU - I have school nightmares to get through with :P
Okay! Its time for the winner! DUN DUN DUN...

                       The LSC Membership Competition winner is................DRUM ROLL..............

                    SPACE HERO POPPY!

CONGRATULATIONS SPACE HERO POPPY! Also not to get mixed up on our kind Moderator Poppy, its another space hero named Poppy! Comment below and if you didn't win any of our membership comps, PLEASE don't be mad or sad because THERE'LL ALWAYS BE MORE!

~Brandon Space Hero

Friday, March 14, 2014


Hey heroes Duke reporting here because the MERMAID and MERMAN costumes are back in shop! Isn't it awesome to have these back again so heroes who missed and didn't get to buy these have another chance? Well if you don't believe this, check out the picture below!

(Credit to Brandon for the Pic!)

 Hurry, because this offer will end fast! Go grab all your goodies while it lasts!
~Duke Space Hero

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Updated the SHU Home Page!

Yo Guys! Brandon here with some AWESOME updates below! What do you think? COOL right?

It says Hero Store but it used to say something else! This means they must've updated it!

It has added Trading Cards! You can purchase them online too! Also Taymai is now going to sell Space Heroes Universe Plush Toys this is what there page looks like this:

If you would like to see the page for yourself  please feel free to visit!

Peace Out heroes!

~Brandon Space Hero