This is the Crew! The Crew locates all authors/admins of Space Heroes Essential Handblog, or SHEH. You will find information about the authors and admins - whoever guesses who founded the blog wins a extra-large PIE with extra whipped cream on top! I'm just kidding! :D The Crew holds up to 15 authors. To join the Crew, you must do the following:
  1. Comment OR email 
  2. Tell us WHY you'd like to be an author/admin
  3. Include your email, space hero name and a short paragraph about yourself in the message
  4. We are looking for heroes who have blogging skills and proper grammar - so if you have a blog, share the website with us and we'll be sure to add you to the Crew after some approval
  5. You must have a BLOGGER ACCOUNT to be an author or admin
  6. Note that you should only post about SHU news, updates, tips, facts, guides, glitches and things that you think are necessary for heroes to know about
  7. Always have fun when you post!
So good luck space heroes! Send in your 
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Justice Girl
Administrator, founder of SHEH

has a whopping 1,000 friends on Space Heroes.
Everyone says she's an amazing artist,
graphics designer and Superstar
Space Heroes blogger. Justice Girl has 
been playing Space Heroes for 3 years. She
 also loves helping out others and doing favors.
This blog is created by... yep... one and only Justice Girl!

Administrator of SHEH

An attractive space waffle and a friend to all, 
Lillia is a pie-loving space hero who likes to 
blog, create and design icons and banners.
 You will most likely to see this awesome beta
space hero in the plaza, chatting and chilling out
with her BFFs. Yet, Lillia can sometimes
be a little too crazy!

Emma Emerald 
AKA Denise
Author of SHEH

This Internet sista is always the raffle winner!
Denise is a humorous BFF to all, and she
can act very, very crazy! Denise loves to party,
draw, chat and blog. She's always active,
 energetic and ready for action! Denise
barely misses out on anything, ever!

Author of SHEH

From making YouTube videos to SHU blogging,
this space hero is someone who stands out a lot!
Duke is a fun, loving hero who enjoys
things such as creating videos, blogging and
playing on virtual worlds. Whatever it is, he
loves to go out and adventure beyond!

Author of SHEH

Jamming! Dancing! Competitions! Isabella
never stops enjoying being herself.
This restless, joyful little space hero
will most likely be seen at the coast,
swimming in the ocean with
her beloved kritterz! 

Author of SHEH

Sister of SHU! Big fan of fun, friendship
and adventures. Stella is our pie pouncer!
There is more than just chilling out, she
also loves training her kritterz,
checking out the latest fashions at
the Hero Mart and doing tricks
with her starjet in space!

Princess Charlotte
Author of SHEH

Fun is the main topic! Wherever
this adventurer travels, she stops and
gets herself the best ice cream
in the universe! Princess
Charlotte is always on the lookout
to help others, do favors and a friend to all!

Alien Android
Author of SHEH

Explorer of the depths of villainy Lord
Shadowbot. Alien Android is our hero!
His blogging skills are out of this
world! Alien Android, one of our most
awesome space heroes will
be most likely to be seen
in the middle of a dangerous quest!

If you'd like an ICON, please comment on the GRAPHICS page and our Crew members will get to you as soon as possible and they will make you one of those icons up there! 
(See more on the Graphics Page)


  1. WOW Cool Blog Justice Girl i Wanna be an author too! XD
    here is mine and btw visit my blog too! XD

    1. Your blog rocks Aea! I would love for you to join the Crew :) Please read my post 'Welcome Heroes!' For the instructions of the authoring. Thanks Aea!

  2. thank you very very very much for making me a author justice girl

  3. Can i be an authoress? Email:
    >Zorro Metal< < my hero name

  4. i want to be an authoress Thx!

  5. Please,send me invite again it doesnt work :(

  6. Sorry guys, sometimes the author list is full BUT you guys are on the list of waiting :D

    1. True true! If an author quits, a special SOMEONE might get it. lol

  7. Lol Umm Denise are you OKAY? ( Like what dah heck.. Why are you a cat xD)


    1. Ok, Let's just stop fighting and not cause another fight like we did on Lol's blog when they announced the Comp winners of the Memberships, Because, believe it or not, Justice got a little mad at us .-. And told us to stop SOO yah,
      Just see for yourself and you'll believe me ;D We dont have to be friends or whatever (IDC on either decision you make)
      But, let's at least not cause another fight Becuz when she told us to stop, she said you can fight somewhere else but not here or another other Blogs, including her blog herself.
      SoOoOo, yeah, you got it? Because you should :P

  8. OML!! Thanks for the picture JG! Im totally saving it to my desktop!

  9. Hey Justice girl, I would like to be a author because as im from beta i know a lot about shu and little space..and i make icons..I would love to help heroes know things bout shu..

  10. OMG I LOVE MY NEW ICON!! ~saves it into my laptop~ :D

  11. hey justice girl,long time no see eh anyways thanks for the amazing intro for me and please visit my blog its


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