Right?! If you want to know WHO the space heroes mods actually ARE, you're on the right page! ;) What are the Space Heroes Moderators? The Space Heroes Moderators are people who always try to make Space Heroes a better place by working together, also known as the Space Hero Community. They go online Space Heroes just like we do, but you cannot report them, since they are the ones who get the reports. The Space Heroes Moderators are amazing people who share their brilliant ideas to form something epic. How do you know if somebody is a moderator? Well, if someone on SHU is wearing a BLACK JACKET, they are Mods! BEWARE: Space Heroes Universe TESTERS (AKA hackers) can also wear one of these, BUT they are NOT mods! If someone on SHU has a white starjet with an orange 'M' on it, this means that hero is also a mod.

Here are the truly, UTTERLY 
AMAZING moderators of Space Heroes Universe:

Xander - Community Leader
 Poppy - Community Mod
  Lollipop - Community Mod
 Superhero - Community Mod
  Bouncy - Community Mod
 Chief  - Flash Developer
  Chubby - Technology Leader
 Dellska - Community Mod
     Leaf catcher - Community Mod
 Snow - Community Mod
  Ehlyna - Digital Producer
    Zap Starfire - Community Mod
  Alienphil - Space Heroes Universe Founder
 Ari - Community Mod (left and no longer mod)
  RC - Animation Artist
  Nixi - Community Mod (left and no longer mod)
   Lucid - Community Mod
    MKA - Community Mod
     MrGreen - Community Mod
     Caspernicus - Community Mod
     StarChaser - Community Mod
     Aaron - Community Mod      
Blaze - Community Mod



  1. Hey, I know a mod :D! Her name is Ehylyna, Idk how to spell it but I know for a fact that it's something like that >.< Well, I know she's a mod becuz I watched this laser skermish video on Youtube and it showed you the mods names on top of their heads O.O And it had "Ehylyna" So yeah ;) The video was about people from SHU going to Sydmey Harbout and playing laser tag with the mods XD So yah.. Idk the link for the video (Sorry about that D: ) Anyways,

    Cya guys ;) ~Jake SHU

  2. Oh woops typo O.O Lol sorry I meant "Sydney Harbour", not "Sydmey Harbout" xD ~Jake :") PEACE

  3. Batman, Mr. green...
    is also mod!

  4. Yup ;) Totally correct xD


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