Saturday, August 23, 2014

STOP the 'Team' Wars on SHU!

    Hey guys! Denise AKA Emma Emerald here! :D So I'm gonna go straight to it...

I was on SHU a few minutes ago and everyone told me to check the squad leaderboards. I checked and saw that the Moon Dogs Squad was winning. I was also thinking, "but teams don't really matter much." When I said that teams don't matter out loud, space hero Turbo Gabriela told me that squads (now called TEAMS) DO matter. But they really don't! Squads are just ripping friendship apart. I've found out that Moon Dogs always bully newbies, convince other people to join Moon dogs and if they don't, the dogs will bully them even more.

     I've switched to Mighty Zoomers squad because I thought I could help them a little. A few minutes later, again, Turbo Gabriela screamed "ATTENTION! WHAT DO WE DO IF THE AQUANAUTS COLLECT MORE COINS THAN WE DO?"(I have no idea WHY he said WE, just because he thinks there are more Moon Dogs Squad members).

    After I said again, "Teams don't matter, Turbo", same replies, "THEY DO THEY DO THEY DO!". When I told all the people around me that I've joined the Mighty Zoomers Squad, space hero Crystal Diamond AKA Sugar convinced "DENISE, COME BACK TO MOON DOGS SQUAD!". And thats what hit me. They started yelling at me to join Moon Dogs but I just kept screaming "THEY DON'T MATTER!" and "LEAVE ME ALONE!" but they wouldn't leave me alone. I went to the plaza, "THEY DO THEY DO THEY DO!".

    I was DONE with them and pushed the homepad button and I stood there, alone. Please STOP with these team wars. It's really hurting people's feelings and you don't know it does. Please spread the word, "Teams don't matter" around blogs, SHU, along with your comments, etc. Turbo Gabriela also said "Kittens aren't smart." and "Us moon dogs will rule the galaxy!" and other hateful things. "We are happy by ourselves and we enjoy being are ourselves", said Justice Girl. In fact, it was true. I am now a Space Kitten. Please change your team and DO NOT be a Moon Dog. If you like bullying, be so. Be a moon dog if you LOVE bullying. Real heroes don't care about winning. We care about... *drumroll*... friendship *wipes tear*. Yes, I said it -


Peace out heroes! And remember to do what you should do to get a Purple Jacket! (see the Purple Jacket Squad page for more)

~Denise AKA Emma Emerald


  1. MMM, Now most of the moon dogs are hating me for this post. ;-; But I think I did what was right..

  2. Hey Denise not all moon dogs are bad im a moon dog too i haven't been bad to i guess heroes will choose whatever group they wishes to be.~ Auro kris

    1. I know you haven't been bad. I'm just saying that a bunch of moon dogs are bullying people to be a moon dog.

    2. Ah I read that wrong. I know some of you haven't been bad*. Here's a list:
      Metal Katy(Atleast I think shes a moon dog)
      And a few more but I forgot their names.. I wonder why everyone likes moon dogs???? SHU might remove the other teams and leave moon dogs, which will get many people mad...

  3. Ik Why Moon Dogs is so popular, one thing for sure is that
    There are ALOT of popular people on that squad(Team)
    :P I'm on the moon dogs team, but I don't brag about how we're winning and make a fuss about it. Denise has a HUGE point you know :/ The only reason I'm on the moon dogs is bc, Okay well, first, Blue is my one and only favorite colour and two, I've grown up with dogs my whole LIFE :P
    I have a total obsess with dogs :D I have 3 golden retrievers at home. Yup, that's how much I love dogs xD
    I don't give an underworld if Moon Dogs are winning or not, I just wanna be happy. Because the people that were bullying DEFINITELY need to know that they are old enough to know that people can decide their own choices on what team they go on. LIKE seriously ;-;

    1. I like blue too but after I found out about all this bullying from some moon dogs and some moon dogs yelling/encouraging newbies to join moon dogs I thought I should change my squad/team and I did

  4. Denise i agree with jake and kris too i know some guys are bullying but i think u kinda said the opposite coz most of the moon dogs do not bully.Anyways,the thing is there is a gang called The moon dogs are the best i was a part of it but when i saw they forced people joining moon dogs i left that immediately so there were 9 to 10 ppl in that group so i dont know what happeed to that group coz they would not take more than 10 ppl for the group and the main thing that hurt me in comment was do not be a Moon Dog i really kinda was angry when i saw that so nothing more is to be said just dont tell ppl to do not be a moon dog they can do whatever they want to do right?


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