Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Upcoming SHU Parties... ABOUT TO HIT SHU?!

Hey Party Heroes Justice here!
As I've heard from Lol, the Space Heroes staff, members and mods have been thinking of upcoming parties coming soon leading up to the Christmas Party! :D Awesome right?!

Last August's Secret Agent Party:

Then there's the Fashion Party from last year on September:

After that, there's the Halloween party which hit SHU on October:

Christmas Party was the last Party for 2013:

What do you heroes think? What Party do you think the mods will host for us?
Comment your favorite parties! :D

-Justice Girl


  1. Lol. The mods are getting better with improving this game, Well actually we don't know that yet ;D But I bet ya cash that the new party is PROB
    Or maybe even a definite YES that it's gunna be better than the last year's party which was new "then". As you may or may not know,
    It was the Fashion Party XD But I bet that this years new party is gonna be like a new level in coolness! (Hopefully it is xD)
    Because, (No offense mods) But I see not as much people play SHU whenever I log onto SHU there's like only 7-10 people online now, and earlier months there was about 15-20 people playing SHU ._.
    The amt of people playing this game has gotten worse and has lowered which is SORTA bad :P If you actually think about it >.< Then yes..
    What I think is the mods are actually realising how many people quit or dont go on SHU, so they're trying to make it better like other games
    e.g. Club Penguin / Private Server, animal jam, fantage, MSP, Roblox,
    Imvu, Minecraft etc... :P Hopefully, theyre gonna suprise us ;)

  2. Hey Justice girl and heroes I was looking forward to being a member and i make icons cool !! soo can i be a author in this blog !! :)


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