Monday, August 25, 2014

An Unknown Hacker

   Hey heroes! Denise AKA Emma Emerald here with some updates and news! I was on SHU (LOL yup... AGAIN!) and I found my original hero chilling around. When I said "Hey! Aurora Chloe is MY hero!" the person on the account said "u are jk" and I said "No, just go offline and play on your OWN hero", after that, the person blurted out "yes u are" and then started saying "BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH". It was more than so rude...

   Justice's note: To all the heroes who's accounts got taken away, please prevent getting hero-napped by doing the following:

-Do NOT share your usernames or passwords to ANYONE (not even a friend) except a parent. Don't even give out a tiny HINT of your password, or else you'll find yourself cornered! Even your friend might get a little curious and may go onto your hero.

-If your hero DOES get hacked or even banished, the best way is to change your password by clicking the 'Forgot Password?' button when you're on the login screen. You can also send feedback to a moderator and they will try to get to you as soon as they can (they have barely been active so I don't think this will work)

Stay safe awesome heroes!

   Okay to the next news! I found a new hacker in SHU! The name is Pepper Pepper. This might be a glitch but nobody knows. Here's two pictures I took of this unusual hero:

Watch out for this invisible hero! 

   I will be very active in SHU from now on so I will probably be posting more on Space Heroes Essential Handblog. Examples are updates, hacker warnings, glitches, unusual heroes, etc. Peace out heroes and stay safe!
~Denise AKA Emma Emerald


  1. Yus, I do have lightshot. I just can't download it on my laptop. I only have it on my computer.

  2. Lol sis thats a glitch not a hacker happened to me once but good post tho!

  3. Yah, that happened to me. There was this nonmember dude and he was like. "Super kid isn't real, reports."
    He was do annoying, I felt like punching him in the FACE
    -.- So then I just reported him anyway xD.
    Sometimes nonmembers can do really silly things sometimes and they don't THINK before they open their stupid mouth. And I'm not saying Brandon is like that,
    He's perfectly fine XD

  4. AH!!! THANKS FOR THE NOTE JG! Btw- I can't change my pass. reason: I used a email that doesnt exist.

  5. Btw, Alex has a crush on you if you didn't know O.O

  6. Replies
    1. But heres whats up; Alex knows I like him and I know Alex likes me.

    2. Lol xD Ok ya lets shut Dfq up now abt love life now Becuz love life is just awkward ISN'T it?? HEHE DON'T u THINK!? >.<


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