Saturday, July 19, 2014

New Hairstyles... FOR MEMBERS!

HEY Y'ALL Justice Girl here with some EXCITING NEWS!

Today when I went online SHU I recognized that some fabulous new Hairstyles were out! (and these are hairstyles for only the girls and the aliens, BUT I think the boy's ones are out too)

Here are the new hairstyles:

What kind of hair would you like on you? :-)
~Justice Girl


  1. JG, Check how many people are checking the blog. I think (I'M NOT EXACT) that a low amount of people are checking. :c

    1. It's gonna be alright :/ Nobody really bothers reading my blog because of serious boringness - and it's not as famous as Space Heroes Fansite and Space Heroes Cheats :P But hey... Space Heroes Essential Handblog is going down on Massive changes TODAY...

  2. Replies
    1. I cleaned up some :) Dont worry it's not worth to be posted

    2. btw can u change the comment colors to purple or red? its hard to see 'em


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