Tuesday, March 25, 2014

LSC Membership Comp WINNER!

 YO HEROES! Brandon here with BIG NEWS on the

So now you have all been busy waiting, I am here to announce the lucky winner! I am really sorry for not being active on SHU - I have school nightmares to get through with :P
Okay! Its time for the winner! DUN DUN DUN...

                       The LSC Membership Competition winner is................DRUM ROLL..............

                    SPACE HERO POPPY!

CONGRATULATIONS SPACE HERO POPPY! Also not to get mixed up on our kind Moderator Poppy, its another space hero named Poppy! Comment below and if you didn't win any of our membership comps, PLEASE don't be mad or sad because THERE'LL ALWAYS BE MORE!

~Brandon Space Hero

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